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Ewin advantage

  The annual turnover is 500 million yuan, and the expanding industry is enhancing our strength.

  For many years, it occupies an absolute leading position in the automotive industry. MES has the first domestic market share.

  It has won the excellent solution of China's industrial software excellent enterprise and two integration, and become the benchmark of industry.

  Joint venture with the Ministry of industry and commerce, set up an intelligent manufacturing innovation center, and build an intelligent manufacturing national team.

  Deep tillage and intelligent manufacturing for fourteen years, set up units and intelligent manufacturing certification units for many national standards, undertake national level topics and projects.

  Participate in the development of information physics system (CPS) reference model standard and intelligent manufacturing capability maturity model, and strengthen the discourse right of their own industry.

  Based on technology research and development, invest in Israel N-join and open big data and AI strategic layout.